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AURA ( Aura Dione ) is Denmark’s most successful contemporary pop artist. On her new album AURA establishes her musical talent as lead producer charting new territory with her music, voice and lyrics.

Aura Dione – Geronimo

In Love with the world with Orchestra:

AURA: “The songs on my new album are about finding your roots again — nobody can take that away from you. I had almost completely lost myself after an extremely painful break-up. My new songs helped to free my mind and rekindle my passion and the fire inside of me. The music is raw, angry, hopeful and beautiful all in one, yet at the same time fragile. It tells the story of my life.”

Back in 2008, the slim, confident woman with an elegant sense of style and a soft spot for shoes celebrated her first No. 1 hit in Germany: “I Will Love You Monday” reached platinum and to this day has generated far more than 80 million video views on social networks. Three years later, we were all in awe of AURA again as the Danish singer released her second No. 1 hit in Germany with “Geronimo”.

Aura Dione – Friends

Aura Dione Management: „The only Danish artist to have accomplished this before her was Gitte (in the 60’s). But that’s where the similarities end. AURA sees herself more as the successor to Dolly Parton.“

Aura Dione – Song for Sophie

“Can’t Steal the Music” is AURA’s contemporary English album, where she presents an intoxicating kaleidoscope of styles and production methods. The 16 new songs are all very personal pieces that she composed on the piano and acoustic guitar.

AURA: “You know it’s a good song when it’s easy to play on the guitar. After all, my roots lie in folk music.”


She adopted such deep insight from Bob Dylan, one of her idols, who felt that a song must always and most of all be just that: a song. No doubt, her fundamental trust in the power of a good song is also the result of her parents giving her access at an early age to a diverse record collection that included a large selection of folk and pop music. AURA grew up in a universe of music waiting to be discovered: “My parents introduced me to Patti Smith and Joni Mitchell – and I discovered Michael Jackson, the Peter Pan of pop, for myself. „

Love Somebody:

The album title “Can’t Steal the Music” should be taken literally: In the end, what remains is what we created for ourselves. AURA’s music embodies her life story, which no one can take away from her.

Her confidence speaks for itself: “I want to share my notion of beauty with the rest of the world. I’ve made a pact with God that I will no longer talk so much about the things that have happened to me. I’d rather sing about them and share the beauty of my life story and my metamorphoses with my fans.”

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