• Booking Portfolio - One Stop Solution - Update 4 companies under 4 roof
  • Booking Portfolio - One Stop Solution - Update 4 companies under 4 roof

Stefan Lohmann on his service as a talent buyer & booking agent:

“As talent buyer & booking agent it is my job to book the best and most suitable live entertainment within the budget. I can offer my clients a unique service in the live entertainment business as a artist relations manager and talent buyer – working transparently & based on partnership.

The difference with traditional agencies is that I do not work for a particular artist, manager or show production: I am independent.

As a talent buyer & booking agent I am not a reseller who buys the performance of an artist and then sells it on with a benefit. I buy the artists or the productions for my clients for the best possible terms.

As an internationally experienced talent buyer & booking agent and former artists’ agent I offer my clients business knowhow and insider knowledge as well as the professional purchase of live entertainment.

International experience, good contacts with artists, artists’ managers, the organisers of tours or concerts as well as an instinctive feel are important factors in order to book the best artist for an event. This is also true for contract negotiations and questions about the logistics and organisation of an event, for example the amount of taxes to pay as a foreigner in another country (withholding tax), the artists’ social security contribution (KSK), the technical aspects, driver and catering services, security, etc., and all this on a global scale.

Thanks to a cooperation based on the partnership I have with my clients, a real team is being created that will become even closer over time. This brings efficient possibilities for cooperation and long-term thinking – without any mistrust or competitive thoughts. On the contrary, the professional knowhow gained makes the whole team stronger, always with the aim of offering the best possible live experience for the end user.

Transparent and based on partnership – this is one of the cornerstones of my company philosophy.

The contracts are signed between the artist (or his direct representative) and the client. In this way, the highest possible transparency is achieved and a firm legal basis is created as many original contracts do not allow the resale of productions.

Thanks to the transparent purchase and a cooperation that has been in place for many years, I enjoy great trust with artists, agents and managers alike. The direct contract constellation and clear relations prevent insecurities and the fear of being sold on at inflated costs. Therefore, it becomes easier to convince even internationally renowned stars to accept an offer.

My clients only need one phone number when it comes to live entertainment.

When it comes to the purchase of live entertainment in particular, it is a decisive competitive advantage to trust an experienced person with the negotiations and thus get the professional knowhow. It has the additional advantage that this knowhow will not get lost with personnel changes, which happens frequently in this line of business.

On request, my clients will quickly get an overview of the current market situation and the best possible terms. They do not have to find out themselves which artist could fit their event and budget. Neither do they have to search for the best contact. The client does not have to adjust any more to the different artist scenes, their ‘language’ and possible reservations. It is no longer necessary to compare the various proposals in a confusing market of artists’ agents, exclusive agents, tour organisers, directors of guest performances, managers, etc.

Creative ideas and custom-made shows

Based on the guidelines I immediately make suitable proposals and suggest creative ideas.

I am also in a position to embed the artists in the concept of the event, if this is requested.

Nevertheless, it may happen from time to time that the live entertainment market does not provide for particular productions or that the productions are too big for the planned event.

In this case I have a fitting solution:

Together with my production team I am in a position to supply productions that are custom-made for the client. Thanks to a direct access to actors, dancers, choreographers, singers, musicians, bands, orchestras, etc. we are able to fulfil nearly every request. If something does not exist, we will create it.”


The advantages in short:

– Independent and transparent advice at fair terms that will pay off.

– A quick market overview and best possible conditions for each event.

– Only one contact for live entertainment.

– An international network of contacts in the music and live entertainment business.

– The absolute certainty to sign a contract with the person in charge.

– Suitable proposals regarding the artists, based on the guidelines, the storytelling or the concept of the event.

– Time is saved and capacity freed for employed staff.

– The whole team gains additional knowhow and professional skills.

– International support for press work by PR professionals specialising in entertainment.

– In case there is no suitable production available on the market, it can be created for the event.

Should you have additional questions, I look forward to hearing from you. In this way you will become part of an independent and continuously growing community of buyers with first-class credentials.