Benefits and opportunities of Live Entertainment (Part 1)

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Live Entertainment plays at events an important role – especially when a program or product is meant to be loaded with emotions. However, many organizers don’t know how, for example, live entertainment can be integrated in the general event concept. The result is, that companies can’t use the full potential of entertainment at events very often.

Entertainment must be staged and scheduled as a target-orientated element in the overall flow of an event, so that it can develop its full dramatic, social and emotional impact.

Ute Lemper und Berlin Show Orchestra

Picture: Ute Lemper & the Berlin Show Orchestra at Sustainability Award 2015 credits: photographer Darius Misztal

Music has the Power, Stars have the Aura

No doubt, music has the power to entertain. A classical orchestra, for example, is always as well visually as acoustically impressive. It normally never misses its effect. Stars have an aura that fascinates the audience and the media. Companies, which are concentrated in their everyday work on pure efficiency and objectively sometimes don’t have the right the sense for the artistic production. The wrong artist for the target group, the wrong location, the wrong timing or lack of timing in communication – this can reduce the effect of a performance slightly or even destroy it completely. “The buffet is now open -. Oh, and I should say, the band starts their performance over there,” Such a notice that I have not heard in a private ceremony, but during a professional event, affects the atmosphere and the audience interest in a bad way. An item that was supposed to belong to the highlights of the program will be so presented as a side issue.

Connect music meaningful, relevant and comprehensible with content


Picture: Marlon Roudette with Berlin Show Orchestra at the German Sustainability Award 2015 – photocredit: Darius Misztal

“Live entertainment is an important puzzle part for the entire spectrum of live communication, which nearly every company uses more or less today” says Andy Fuhrmeister of Friends – Society of Events, Marketing and Communications. “Traditional marketing emotionalizes rarely due to the massive and strong overstimulation. Event marketing can – applied correctly and sometimes courageous – pick its audience and act without spreading loss. What was a few years ago only the selection of the correct medium for the client is today a complex interplay of many strings of an event conception. It does not work anymore to provide just a nice venue and great invitations and a unique catering for your guests. The communication starts on the stage, here the message is emotionalized, from the stage the guests are receiving your content with more than just a positive vibration. That’s why it’s really important not to save on the budget in this area and work with specialists. “

But the mere accumulation of spectacle and glamour to an accumulation of flashy bright elements leaves the audience mostly back helplessly. Frank Mielke of BplusD live: “Music is one of the ingredients that can most inspire guests and create emotions. However, such parts are only means to an end and can puff out improper use: Who does not sensible, relevant and comprehensible link the contents, will invest here in vain. When should I use music, why, what exactly and how? Such questions are even more important today than in the often strained earlier times. Why? Because the net capacity of the guests/customers, the recipients of (live) communication, is of course not risen to the same level, as the approaches and “attacks” they have to face day by day.”

Foto Frank Fendler: Ute Lemper und Art Garfunkel beim Deutschen NAchhaltigkeitspreis 2015

Picture: Art Garfunkel received the German Sustainability Award 2015 Photcredits: Frank Fendler

Therefore the audience needs introductions, transitions and breaks in order to deal with its impressions. If they get overwhelmed, the guests loses interest and “opts out”. That’s why it is worth to invest in event professionals as event manager or stage directors. The stage director Jochen Hinken sees his job as a bridge between humans and technology: “Stage direction is the art to combine the technical world with the human universe for a short time. You have to have a lot of tact to lead the single characters in a way to get a perfect unit, which you can see and feel. The perfect timing plays an important role.”

Marlon Roudette Standing ovations deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis

Picture: Standing Ovations for Marlon Roudette and Berlin Show Orchestra Thanks to PRG for perfect Sound & Light – Photocredit: Darius Misztal


Stefan Schiffeler, Schiffini GmbH & Co. KG, explains the critical role of technology for the entertainment value of an event:” As a technology provider and a specialist in corporate events we see a lot of potential to make the live entertainment shine even better. Important is the correct dimensioning, the quality and the experienced and creative staff, which understands sounds, lights, stage, space and design as a unit.”

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About Stefan Lohmann:
Stefan Lohmann works in the purchase of international live entertainment and as guestauthor for event related magazines.

What is different about him and his profession?
By changing sides, from a sales person to a buyer of live entertainment, and thanks to his professional knowhow and insider knowledge, Stefan Lohmann offers his clients a unique service in the live entertainment business as a talent buyer – working transparently & based on partnership

Who does Stefan Lohmann work for?
Among his clients and projects he works on are leading event agencies, company events, cultural festivals and outstanding award events, like the German Sustainability Award with the support of the German Federal Government. In 2016 Stefan Lohmann works also for the PRG LEA Award – the leading Award for the Live Entertainment Industry in Germany.

Is there a question of trust?
To book an artist is a question of trust! Therefore, Stefan Lohmann provides completely transparent cooperation on a partnership basis, with fair terms that pay off.

When it comes to the purchase of live entertainment in particular, it is a decisive competitive advantage to trust an experienced person with the negotiations in order to achieve the best possible conditions for each event.

What if clients want more?
Thanks to the cooperation with a Berlin team of show producers, Stefan Lohmann is also in a position to provide custom-made shows and ready-to-go productions that keep on acquiring a global reputation in the entertainment business.

Sustainability:  For Stefan Lohmann Sustainabilty is important. He works with First Climate AG – a leading service provider in the fields of green energy, carbon neutrality and water management. Togehter they help their clients to improve their events in the field of entertainment and sustainability.

Beim Kick-Off Termin in der Handelskammer Hamburg mit v.l.n.r.: Lenn Kudrjawizki (Head of Berlin Show Orchestra, Legrain Productions), Philip Rieneck (Sponsors Verlag), Stefan Lohmann (Live Entertainment Experte), Sascha Lafeld (First Climate AG) und Felix Neumann (Musical Director Berlin Show Orchestra, Legrain Productions)

Cooperation First Climate AG and Berlin Show Orchestra and Stefan Lohmann at Handelskammer Hamburg mit v.l.n.r.: Lenn Kudrjawizki (Head of Berlin Show Orchestra, Legrain Productions), Philip Rieneck (Sponsors Verlag), Stefan Lohmann (Live Entertainment Experte), Sascha Lafeld (First Climate AG) und Felix Neumann (Musical Director Berlin Show Orchestra, Legrain Productions)

Sustainability Award: Stefan Lohmann is Artist Relation Manager of the German Sustainbility Award