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What does an event agency do ?

The event agency may consist of a few people or of several hundreds employees with offices worldwide. The event planners of  event agencies are responsible for the implementation of the event concepts (creative ideas, design, storytelling, drama, decoration, art, artist, location scouting, Guest Management …) for any type of event.
Event agencies develop ideas and ensure the smooth running. In collaboration with stage directors, project managers and event managers, technology companies and other trades, event agencies have the decisive role in the success of an event. Event agencies provide the thread for the storytelling – so that the targets of an event can be achieved and the embassy of the company will be remembered. The emotional appeal of an event or a product can only function when the users are introduced and be addressed on multiple levels at the right moment. For a complex event you should work with experienced professionals. Good Event agencies see events as total production and not as simple modules that can be set together. But rarely have Event agencies real specialists for live entertainment. Usually someone is chosen in the team, who cares about the live entertainment for the specific event. Event Managers are usually not in the position to book artists on a regular basis, so they are not able to observe the Live Entertainment market and can’t maintain contact with artists, managers and agents.



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