PRG LEA Award 2016 will be hosted climate-neutral

PRG LEA Award 2016: The Bundesverband der Veranstaltungswirtschaft e.V. (bdv) – the Federal German Association for the Concert and Promoters Business sets a sign for more environmental compatibility in the entertainment industry.

In the last years the PRG LEA AWARD has become one of the most important cultural awards in Germany. Not the artists will be awarded, but the people, who are significantly involved in the success story of artists, as promoters, managers, agents and venue operators. As the flagship of the German showbiz and as representation of the entire live entertainment industry, with a turnover of more than 4 billion Euros per year, the members of the bdv are aware of the social responsibility of this lighthouse project. The topics climate change and environmental sustainability of events are of main importance for the entire industry. After the successful climate summit in Paris people are now awaiting action. Therefore the PRG LEA AWARD will be organized climate-neutral on April 4th, 2016 in Frankfurt (Germany). The environmental leadership demonstrated by the PRG LEA AWARD is helping to transform the event industry – with green initiatives -quickly becoming an expected part of holding an event.


LEA AWARD Live Entertainment Award wir klimaneutral

v.l.n.r. Sascha Lafeld (First Climate), Prof. Jens Michow (LEA), Lasse Ernst (Lea), Stefan Lohammn (Live Entertainment Experte, Berlin Show Orchestra)

Live entertainment and climate change – there is no conflict
Stefan Lohmann brought the climate-neutral partners LEA AWARD and First Climate together. He worked as a live entertainment buyer and Artist Relations-Manager for event agencies and organizers and supervises e.g. the prestigious German Sustainability Award (with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as patron).

Stefan Lohmann explains his idea: “The issue of sustainability is after the climate summit in Paris back in the minds of people and this thankfully increases the pressure. But don’t get me wrong. Especially in the entertainment industry the costs are what matters most. I am therefore pleased to work with Sascha Lafeld (First Climate) and the team of Prof. Jens Michow (LEA). As the lighthouse project PRG LEA AWARD shows that profitability in the entertainment industry and climate protection is not a conflict.”

Sustainability pays off for the entertainment industry
“In addition to support the environment, ecological measures are bringing also enormous economic savings and we as the Federal German Association for the Concert and Promoters Business and organizers of this award would love to use the appeal of this event to affect our colleagues positively. We are aware of our great responsibility“, says the managing director of LEA Veranstaltungs GmbH Prof. Jens Michow.

With the conversion to LEDs in the event technology and the energy-saving measures and conversions at venues have been saved large sums over the last years.

“There are many other ways to increase efficiency and save money. Not to mention that more and more customers expect sustainable alternatives now.“ Sascha Lafeld CEO of First Climate Markets AG adds: “You can book airline and railway tickets CO2 neutral. So why should that not be possible with concert tickets, too?”
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Climate neutralityHow does it work?
Climate neutrality is only the beginning of the cooperation between the Hamburg organizers of the award ceremony and the climate experts of First Climate AG Frankfurt, which are working for over 15 years in fields of carbon neutrality, water management and green energy for companies.
The Three Steps to Carbon Neutrality:


  1. Carbon neutrality is only possible with a reference baseline, so the first step is to identify and measure all potential sources of emissions. The First Climate team is well-versed in quantifying carbon footprints, and is there to help produce an in-depth analysis of the award’s carbon impact. Based on the data, First Climate AG calculate the PRG LEA´s individual corporate carbon footprint. This is the basis for all subsequent steps.


  1. It is likely that some of the emissions are avoidable, so the second step will be to identify opportunities to improve efficiency or reduce energy and resource usage. Energy efficiency measures may offer a cost-effective strategy for reducing the carbon footprint, and it may result in financial savings as well! Examples include video conferencing instead of business travel, using public transportation instead of company cars, and upgrading inefficient building equipment can result in significant cost savings. First Climate develops customized concepts for the PRG LEA AWARD to optimize operational efficiency and to identify opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint.


  1. As it may still not be possible to eliminate the carbon footprint through emissions avoidance measures alone, the third step in pursuing carbon neutrality is to compensate for unavoidable emissions. The PRG LEA AWARD is considered carbon neutral when purchasing an equivalent volume of carbon offsets these unavoidable emissions offset credits from high-quality emissions reductions projects. First Climate calculates the unavoidable emissions for the lighthouse project of the live entertainment industry and supports the PRG LEA AWARD with expert advice in choosing a carbon offset project.


The Project “Clean biogas for Indian households” was jointly selected and has been developed by First Climate with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). This project not only compensates the CO2 emissions of the PRG LEA AWARD, it also has numerous other essential advantages for the local people, which are shown graphically in the project Video: .


Additional information:
Music business is booming!
Furthermore, the importance of the music industry must not be underestimated. The sub-sectors of the German music industry have implemented a total of eleven billion Euros last year. With a total of 127,000 freelancers and employees they surpass the employment figures of any other media industry. The gross value in 2014 with approximately EUR 3.9 billion exceeded even the movie industry, radio broadcasters, and book or magazine publishers.
About Stefan Lohmann – Talent Buyer & Booking Agent:
As an experienced Live Entertainment buyer and Artist Relations-Manager Stefan Lohmann takes care about the entertainment of corporate, gala and award events.
If the market is not able to deliver suitable entertainment, he has the opportunity to create unique entertainment projects with a Berlin production office. This cooperation is as well the home of the Berlin Show Orchestra and other productions, which are promoted right now worldwide.

Quality + Entertainment + Sustainability = Ecotainment
Stefan Lohmann: “Together with the Berlin Show Orchestra and the First Climate AG, we offer our clients ecotainment conceptions and solutions to optimize their entertainment program and if requested to adjust the entire event climate-neutral.

We are more than pleased to present to you our concepts for sports events and major stadium shows. Just get in contact:

About Berlin Show Orchestra:
The first climate-neutral orchestra, the Berlin Show Orchestra was described by the German Sustainability Award: “Captivating show combined with great flexibility and based on professional collaboration. The world’s greenest orchestra. What do you want more?”
Since 2015 the young Orchestra is fascinating guests, fans, organizers and international stars, who are working with the team and the musicians. One of the core competencies of Berlin Show Orchestra is the unique creation of a show program including show parts, aerial acts, acrobatics, moderation and national and international guest stars. All from a single source.

About First Climate:
With over fifteen years of experience and more than 500 large and medium-sized clients, First Climate is a leading service provider in the fields of green energy, carbon neutrality and water management. First Climate supports companies and organizations to achieve their sustainability and environmental objectives.

Sascha Lafeld, CEO of First Climate Markets AG, so far, has overseen the commercialization of over 100 carbon reduction and water projects.


About bdv: The Bundesverband der Veranstaltungswirtschaft e.V. (bdv) – the Federal German Association for the Concert and Promoters Business, is the professional association for all branches of German concert organizing trade and artist representation.

The bdv represents more than 300 German promoters, agents and managers. The association provides the sector with comprehensive representation and consultation. It represents total revenue of the live entertainment market of over EUR 4 billion with more around 122 million sold tickets.



The German Live Entertainment Award was established in 2006, the award has been used to pay tribute to outstanding performance by companies in the concert and event business during a gala event in Hamburg and from 2011 onwards in Frankfurt am Main. Alongside a yearly glamorous Gala Night at the Frankfurt Festival Hall, the PRG LEA simultaneously kicks off the Frankfurt Music Trade Fair and Prolight + Sound. The next event will take place on April 4, 2016.