Opera Show by Arina Domski 

– Far away from traditions and conformity

Opera Show by Arina Domski Madonna of the opera

The Opera Show by Arina Domski is a crossroad of different epoches and traditions. Based on the classical base, Arina creates fusion of time and mood by combining different epoches and musical styles.

Opera Show by Arina Domski – the Madonna of opera

The Opera Show by Arina Domski is the concert program which introduces pieces of art starting with Händel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and ending by modern academic music. One of the main peculiarities of the show is the original modern sounding.

Each song is a short theatrical story including dancers and musicians. Vivid, original stage images will capture the audience. The story on the stage is far from traditions and conformity.

Show Impressions / Backstage

Madam Butterfly

Solveig Song – Edvard Grieg

Romeo & Juliet

Swan Lake (BRICS International Film Festival )

About Arina Domski

Arina Domski is the only Ukrainian classical crossover singer. Soprano with conservatoire education and original stage image.

Arina performs and composes music in several languages, her repertoire consists of the songs in Italian, English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech and Chinese.

“Nessun Dorma” from opera “Turandot” by Giacomo Puccini:

It is worth mentioning that this aria was also sang by Andrea Bocelli, Jose Carreras, Mario Lanza and Sarah Brightman. But the most popular this aria is in performance by Lucano Pavarotti. After BBC channel used “Nessun Dorma” by Lucano Pavarotti as the main theme during World Football Cup 1990, this aria received the worldwide recognition. Soon after it took the second place in UK Singles Chart – it was for the first time that classical aria got so high in the charts.

Her first single “Ti amero” came into rotation of British music channel CMTV and introduced Arina to European audience.

It opened great opportunities for touring outside Ukraine. Arina visited Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Russia, Hongkong and China.

In 2015 Arina became the main hero of the festival opening ceremony in the third biggest Chinese city of Guangzhou (after Beijing and Shanghai). The grandiose ceremony took place on “Haixinsha Arеna” which hosted Asian Games in 2010. And the ceremony was broadcast on the Chinese nation CCTV.

Arina’s music overcomes all the cultural borders and continues to attract fans from all over the world.

Arina graduated from Kyiv National Music Institute after Glier and National Music Academy of Ukraine after Tchaikovski, academic singing (class of Professor Petrynenko D. I.)

 admiral Opera Show by Arina Domski Madonna of the opera

About classical crossover genre

Classical crossover is a music genre which combines classical music with different modern streams. Nowadays this style is so much popular that Americal Magazine “Billboard” set a separate chart for this genre. Classical crossover is now officially present in the nomination list of Grammy music awards.
This style has a wide age-range audience.

Сlassical crossover is a genre which appeared in the result of a compromise between elite art and modern mass culture. Due to its synthetical nature, the genre has quite a configurable development which allows to combine academic base with the latest music tendencies. Elements of academic sounding which is typical for classical crossover, combined with a factor of spectacularity, grants the genre commercial success among the audience of different age and music preferences. Thanks to this, it allows to achieve one of the most important functions of classical crossover which is popularisation of academic music.

Blue Opera Show by Arina Domski Madonna of the opera

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