Sustainable business model is based on 500 years old tradition of the honorable merchant

Sustainable business model is based on 500 years old tradition of the honorable merchant
Stefan Lohmann – Talent & Booking Agent is a new member of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce in the society “Versammlung eines ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg e.V.” (meeting of honorable merchant in Hamburg).

released by Eco World Magazin in german language:
Live entertainment expert Stefan Lohmann offers his clients voluntarily in the event industry as an attractive business model, what for banks have to be forced by law. Contract details and commissions are disclosed, there are no reimbursements and sideshow. The Hamburg Live Entertainment buyer is building his completely transparent business model on a 500-year-old hanseatic tradition, the honorable merchant / businessman.

Ehrbarer Kaufmann Live Entertainment Experte Stefan Lohmann Handelskammer Hamburg

The meaningful handshake between Christian Graf (Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, left) and Stefan Lohmann (Live entertainment expert from Hamburg, right) was made in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Photo: Stefan Lohmann
Hamburg: The music and event industry is meant to be glamorous, fast moving and opaque. From time to time there is a real gold rush feeling in the industry. All market participants are waiting for the next big hype, as the great English artist Adele.

The handshake, a totally old fashioned ritual in this industry and in the internet age as final decision to do business together, has for the start-up and live entertainment expert Stefan Lohmann an important meaning. “The cornerstones of my philosophy include transparency, trust and a long-term and really collaborative relationship with my clients. Of course you must have contracts. But the papers are not the foundation, but the necessary accessory of my services,” says Stefan Lohmann. As Live Entertainment expert he negotiates for his clients with international stars and their managers. Big artists with popular names are asking for a lot of money. 100,000 Euros and more are not uncommon. The experienced talent buyer books the artists and show productions for fair and predetermined conditions directly on behalf of its customers for the best deal. All details are open on the table, there are no kickbacks or other hidden agreements.

Stefan Lohmann: “I see myself as a modern service provider, as an expert with a very specific expertise – the purchase of live entertainment and the creation of live entertainment events in all sizes. It does not matter, if I book artists for a corporate event of Telekom, Audi or Mary Kay Cosmetics or deliver the stage concept of an orchestra for HR1 (radio station) for the German Unification Day or the star acts for the “German Sustainability Award”, every event and every customer gets individual content from me. What does not exist, will be created and realized with a Berlin production team. “

One Man – One word: the honorable businessman
The meaningful handshake between Christian Graf (head of the Chamber of Commerce in the area of ​​law) and Stefan Lohmann (Talent Buyer & Booking Agent) was made in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. With this action Stefan Lohmann was officially accepted as new member to the association “Versammlung eines ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg e.V.”.

Christian Graf: “As an association we have a tradition of nearly 500 years, which we will celebrate in 2017. The living tradition and networking within the association also attracts an increasing number of young entrepreneurs like Mr. Lohmann, what we are very pleased. Especially today the business models changes again to credibility and trust towards customers.”

Stefan Lohmann: “The association ‘Versammlung eines ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg e.V.’ fits one hundred percent to my philosophy. I am committed to this association because I am firmly convinced that companies that are only focused on profit maximization, will find it difficult to exist and be accepted in the future. But I am not a fool, of course my clients stick with me, because they have realized that they can save money by requesting my services.”


Mitglied eine Ehrbaren Kaufmanns Stefan Lohmann